BMW Timing Chain Replacement in North York

If you own a BMW, you know that German-made cars are beautiful and powerful. You also know that, like any car, your BMW needs care and maintenance if it’s going to run effectively and safely. One aspect of your engine that you may not be familiar with is the timing chain. This chain is an important part of your car’s overall engine, so if you need BMW timing chain replacement in North York, come to us.

Street Godz Inc. specializes in German cars, so you can trust us to get your BMW up and running at peak efficiency quickly and reliably.

What Is the Timing Chain?

The timing chain is similar to the timing belt, but it’s made out of metal. This metal chain runs inside the engine and is lubricated by the engine oil. This chain doesn’t need to be replaced periodically, like the timing belt. Instead, you only need to replace it when the chain has a problem.

What Can Happen to the Chain?

Think of a bicycle chain; it sometimes sticks, and it can wear down and start slipping on the gears. Timing chains can have similar issues. If you don’t change your oil enough, or the oil is poor quality, the chain may wear down quickly and start to stretch. The associated parts, such as the chain tensioner and the chain guides may become worn as well.

How Can You Tell if Your Belt Is Worn?

If your timing chain is worn down, you may notice your BMW feels sluggish and low on power. Your car may even struggle to start. Also, listen for a rattling, buzzing, or whirring noises coming from the timing chain cover area.

Why Come to Street Godz Inc. for Timing Chain Replacement?

We’re passionate about German cars and started this shop to provide quality services for an affordable price. We take extra time on each job to ensure that each job is done right with high-quality parts. We don’t cut corners or overcharge for services, so we’re confident you’ll love working with us.

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