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Your car is precious - at least to us. We believe that every car deserves top tier service from a specialized mechanic. For us, that specialty is German automobiles like yours. If you own an Audi, BMW, Mercedes (or any German car for that matter) we’re the only guys you want to see.

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Street Godz

While some other generic mechanic will do the bare minimum and leave you with a hole in your wallet, (not to mention your car still making that weird noise) we do everything we can to ensure that your car leaves our shop purring like a kitten.

We know your cars inside out, and with years of experience under our belt we’re able to diagnose a broad spectrum of issues, some of which can be specific to, or more stereotypical of your brand. Don’t mess around with your baby; she’ll never forgive you! Come to StreetGodz, and get a passionate specialist who cares.

Diagnostics for BMW, MERCEDES & AUDI
Specialized service

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